Castello di Sorbolongo

Antico borgo della media valle del Metauro in provincia di Pesaro

To around four kilometers from Sant'lppolito the castle of Sorbolongo rises. The popular legend makes to go up again the name of the suburb to a particularly tall sorbo that was found on the hill. This is represented in the coat of arms in which the tree together sinks its radixes under the boundaries of the castle to a dove with branch of staid ulivo (symbol of peace) on the summit of the hill and three stars in sky.

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The castle is built on the spacious top of a tall hillock m. 357 ses.l.m. and covered by a wooded mantle. The urban implant is formed from a nucleus, delimited by the ancient surrounded building, and from some residences risen to the outside. The suburb introduces an articulated building aggregation in blockades prepared shutly enough to the sides of the principal road axle, directed approximately by west east, that races in match of the ridge and it is crossed with an axle secondary meridian.

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